Episode 1: September 7, 1996

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Clive Kennedy: Announcer  Special Thanks: Anabel Vidrio, Jo Mayer

When Lena Nozizwe interviewed former Death Row CEO Suge Knight in jail in the 1990s he told her that September 7, 1996, was a historic day. Some 25 years later his words have proven to be prophetic.  

One of the original investigators of the case, now retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department homicide Detective Brent Becker, gives the most detailed account  of that day ever, from the inside, in this episode of “Lena Nozizwe Reporting: Tupac’s Murder Was His Case.”



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E.D.I. Mean LVMPD Witness Interview via JMix/Jesse Surratt

Yaki Kadafi LVMPD Witness Interview via JMix/Jesse Surratt

Frank Alexander LVMPD Witness Interview via JMix/Jesse Surratt

Photographer of last known picture of Tupac alive via Anita Nicole

MGM Grand Video of Beatdown after Mike Tyson| Bruce Seldon Fight via Steez